We operate primarily in ship refurbishments for cabins and public areas where we bring high-quality craftsmanship to large-scale projects. Our expertise lies in operating vessels and we can fully manage complex projects for international clients with our highly specialised teams.

Hotels \ Offices \ Retail
Residential \ Public Spaces

Ellevi Group effectively operates in industries where elegant results must be combined with superior quality work.
In these sectors, our design and organisational capacities, combined with impeccable logistics, have given us an important competitive advantage, delivering turnkey products and installations to our clients.


In the refurbishment of prestigious homes, we have successfully faced the challenges that derive from elite projects to offer prized materials, impeccable finishes, unique details, creative solutions, and a taste for beauty complemented by our entirely Italian aesthetic.

Added value

Turnkey projects, finished to perfection

Our knowhow allows us to meet the highest quality demands and optimise time schedules. We directly control all stages of the production process to fully respond to every technical and design requirement with the maximum responsiveness, flexibility and all Italian creativity.

The companies of the group: